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Getting Involved

How You Can Help? | Volunteering

Core Costs

It costs approximately £150,000 per year to operate our service.

Our Income is generated by fundraising, donations and the sale of day care. Of the £150,000 it takes to keep our service going, we must now generate around one third of that through fundraising activities and donations.

Our minibus costs approximately £7,000 per annum to keep on the road, including fuel, insurance, servicing and repairs; It costs us over £1700 per annum to remain registered with the Care Commission; our centre costs approximately £3000 annually in gas and electricity; and most importantly, to retain and train quality staff to the highest standard takes an investment of approximately £95,000 per year.

How You Can Help?

Here are a few suggestions on how you can help:

Rest assured that every penny donated to our Group will go directly to providing care to people with dementia in the local area. Help us make a difference.

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Our Group would not be able to function effectively without the dedicated help of a group of committed volunteers.

Management side

Perhaps you know someone who would be interested in volunteering their services to help a vulnerable section of the community by joining our Management Committee. No previous experience is required, as all appropriate training will be given.

This position involves no direct care of people with dementia, but it is essential to allow our service provision to continue. If you are interested in doing this valuable and rewarding work we would be happy to speak with you and give further details.

Care Side

We also provide a limited number of volunteer positions within our care team. If you are interested in finding out more about this kind of support, please contact us for details of what is involved.

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